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1 My Home

I have a vacant block next door that has native bush, is this dangerous?

Yes this can be dangerous, however it depends on many factors from slope, aspect and fuel load. For example if you have a vacant block that is downhill from your house then this is more dangerous than if the block is uphill from your property. You also need to look at the fuel loadings and what types of vegetation is on the block, for example a vacant block with a couple of large trees but otherwise clear poses less threat than a block full of thick scrub that will burn faster…. It’s technical!

If you are concerned then you should discuss this with the land owner, and the RFS can also help.

My house has no bush around it, do I really need to do all this work?

One of the biggest dangers during a bush fire is what we call “ember attack”. During a bush fire embers can travel many kilometres and start spot fires in and around your home. It is for the reason that everyone needs to prepare now for the coming fire season.

2 Get Ready Challenge Admin

I have registered but I didn’t receive a Challenge email, what happened?

Emails are sent each Friday for six weeks starting on 17th July. You can catch up on previous emails by visiting the Challenge page where there is a link to each email (added there after the weekly email is sent).

After registering did you receive the Opt-in Confirmation email and click on the Confirm button? Check your Spam or Junk folder for the Opt-in Confirmation email and click the confirmation button in the email. If you didn’t receive that please send us an email via our contact page.